Ever dreamt of sailing around the world?


Is your dream to sail off into the sunset? This is your chance to buy a 14-berth, proven ocean-going vessel for the price of a one-bed London flat. That’s a LOT of boat for £249,000!

Like aircraft a larger vessel is much safer, reassuring and comfortable. While she can be sailed by one person, her 14 berths makes her ideal for shared ownership such as a syndicate.

Tired of the 9-5 rat race? Looking for a digital detox? It’s about gaining an absolute sense of freedom: you get to explore the world and bring your home along with you.

Don’t leave it too late to fulfil your dream or it will become a lifelong regret: Prelude to a Voyage.

Professionally designed by a marine architect and constructed with care by expert welders and carpenters: Launch & Fit-Out.

Global Surveyor is a proven voyage vessel having already circumnavigated the globe: Sailing around the World.

A free mooring and lots of professional advice are available while you prepare her for your trip. The asking price is less than a London flat at £ 249,000.


For further information please see www.aleutianmarine.com and www.sailglobalsurveyor.com

Email Graham on glascelles@hotmail.com or phone on 01983 883142 if you’d like to chat about the boat, discuss what she has to offer or to arrange a no obligation visit.


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