16 reasons to buy this boat!

There are plenty of boats on the market. But none of them can offer all of this…

1. It’s 03:21 and you have sighted a whale / submerged container / sandbank. Wouldn’t you rather be in an extremely rugged steel vessel? Described as ‘a serious piece of kit’ Global Surveyor was purpose-designed for an experienced yachtsman to sail his family safely and comfortably around the world and is capable of voyaging to any ocean from the tropics to the edge of pack ice.

2. The crew shirts. These ‘Bula’ crew shirts were discovered in Fiji and have their own designated locker aboard Global Surveyor!


3. Global Surveyor comes with a specified period of deep water mooring near Cowes, home of the world’s longest running sailing regatta Cowes Week. Unlike moorings held under a Crown Estate lease, this is a highly sought-after private mooring just along the coast from Cowes on the Isle of Wight.

4. The Aleutian 70 CAD boat building kit. Global Surveyor was designed in conjunction with a naval architect, and built with the help of two welders. It was constructed from 20 tonnes of steel piece parts. All were cut to +- 1mm which ensured easy, quick, accurate and trouble free construction to a high standard. Amazingly enough, the cost of building an Aleutian 70, like Global Surveyor is roughly the same as buying a typical new 40 foot yacht. This value is also put into perspective when you consider that new yachts of Global Surveyors size can cost up to 4 times as much.


5. Versatility. Whether you choose to charter to corporate clients who appreciate the size, space and stability; host a wedding party or hens night; journey on a scientific expedition to the edge of pack ice; or fulfil a dream to circumnavigate the globe… Global Surveyor is the vessel for you.


6. One of the most well thought out, and able cruising yachts afloat. She is a boat that people like to visit and the two almost universal comments by amateur and professional seaman alike is a stunned “Wow” and “ Very impressive.”

7. She is extremely strong and gives complete novices and experienced sailors supreme confidence..

8. She has already proven her worth on a circumnavigation. This included hurricane force winds in the Bay of Biscay and seeing off pirates in the Indian Ocean.

9. Supremely comfortable with her huge interior volume, easy motion and six inch thick mattresses.

10. On passage it is typical that her decks remain dry and filled with sun worshippers, whilst a nearby 40 ‘ yacht has a crew decked out in oilskins who later describe the experience as like living inside a washing machine.

11. Apart from pack ice and shallow water, she will take you anywhere you might like to point the bow.

12. She has a massive load carrying capacity for people, provisions, fuel, water and toys, for anyone planning an adventure, an expedition or for long term cruising,

13. Ideal for individuals, being set up so she can be berthed single handed.

14. Cheaper to purchase and operate than much smaller vessels if you consider group ownership.

15. With 14 fixed berths she is also an economic proposition for Sail Training or Charter use.

16. She has the normal extensive inventory you might expect from a vessel this size.

There is a large amount of further information at www.aleutianmarine.com

This includes two galleries of plans and photos.

Watch the videos of designing, building and circumnavigation on YouTube and perhaps read the book at Amazon..

If you are interested please phone Graham 01983 883142 for a chat and perhaps to arrange a visit.

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