Global Surveyor – Master Mariner, Marine Engineer Graham Lascelles

10 BOB_4335 RESIZED  Graham and Global.jpg
Photos courtesy of Bob Aylott, press photographer commissioned by Yachting Monthly magazine

GRAHAM LASCELLES joined the British merchant navy as an apprentice at 16 and, after some sea experience, gained a certificate as Master Mariner Foreign Going and an honours degree in nautical sciences. He has sailed hundreds of thousands of miles as a watch keeping officer on 540-foot, 30,000-tonne, 24,000 horsepower, 21-knot refrigerated cargo liners and tankers, sailing to many parts of the world. His voyages were made in the days when navigating by the stars was the only option. He has also handled oil rig supply vessels, towing 10,000-tonne barges, and navigated 60-knot passenger and vehicle carrying Hovercraft across the English Channel. He has also acted as a marine consultant specializing in oil spill control, teaching thousands of responders and managing live, on-the-water exercises involving the manoeuvering of four miles of oil pollution booms, helicopters and up to 30 seagoing vessels. In his free time he still takes to the water. He has sailed a 13-foot racing dinghy around the Isle of Wight, off the south coast of England, where he lives; and a 21-foot cruiser equipped with a Seagull outboard motor and not much else around the British Isles. After owning and extensively cruising a Nicholson 32, which he fitted out from a bare hull, and a Giles 38 he took time to become the father of four children. He long maintained a dream to sail around the world in his own boat and this book tells how he made the dream came true. He designed Global Surveyor with a naval architect and built her by hand with the help of two welders and two carpenters in a boat shed near his home at Cowes. And when she was finally launched, he packed his wife Anne, and children Paul, Mark, Helen and Emma aboard and set sail westward around the globe. Today, he is still at sea: Global Surveyor is often chartered, and he holds a Yachtmaster Ocean certificate endorsed for commercial sailing.

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